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5 Ways to Style Your Utility Vest

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Hey chickadee! Can I just say that I am obsessed with my utility dress?!  Listen,  if you have not gotten yourself one yet, what are you waiting for friend?  If you are unsure of styling options, please read on.


This Who What Wear gem came from the clearance rack mecca at Target. The price point for this brand is higher than what I normally commit to.  However, once it hits the clearance rack, I am no longer a commitment phobe. So far, I have worn this dress several different ways.  Ironically enough, I have not worn it as a dress yet.  I have always worn it as a utility vest. It is a perfect piece for the fall.  I am excited to wear it as a dress…eventually.


Utility dress: Target Nautical body con dress: Thrifted Skinny Jeans: Forever 21 Wedge sneakers: Shoe Dazzle



5 Ways to Style Your Utility Dress

1) Layer over a jumpsuit
2) Layer over a sweater dress or bodycon with knee boots
3) Pair it with prints/patterns…my favorite so far are red and black buffalo plaid, leopard and nautical stripes!
4) Wear it with liquid leggings and chic booties.
5) Wear it with a hoodie and boyfriend jeans.

Free BabyLeggings


These are just five of my styling ideas but the options are really endless especially for a fun fall look. Which is your fave? Stylishly yours, KJ.

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The Fray

By November 12, 2016 brand ambassador, business, confidence, fashion, general, J Moraella, life hacks, lifestyle, ootd, self esteem, style, Uncategorized

Hey Sugar Pants! So, unless you have been living under a rock, you have seen the beautiful and fun frayed or distressed sweaters/dresses. Well, today, I want to share with you the awesome frayed sweater that I recently got and some styling options.

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I absolutely adore sweater dresses because they are basically the “sexy girl next door” personified in an article of clothing. One thing I would caution about the sweater dress in general, is that they are kind of misleading in the fact that they seem bulky so people tend to think they conceal. However, they actually can show every lump and bump if you’re not careful. Also, they can be cut a tad short if you are a leggy lady.  I mean I have seen some pictures on Instagram where everything is strategically placed so your secret pocket book isn’t showing. But, as you will see today, there are ways to still partake in this trend without inadvertently giving a preview of the goods to everyone.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This lovely sweater is a gem from J Moraella. The color is a fabulous, rich blend of dusty rose and salmon. The cable knit braid gives the cozy, comfy and warm vibe we look forward to in the fall. What I personally appreciate about this piece is the fact that the slits and hem are not cut to the wazoo. We have got to leave a little something-something to the imagination, right? I am a fan of the v-neck as well. With most of my sweaters it gets a little annoying trying to rock a statement necklace due to high necklines or turtleneck and the potential for snagging. I was able to style this piece with a couple of different statement necklaces with no issue at all.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These were just a few ideas that I had for styling and I have a ton more! I want to help you to think outside of the box. We have more options than just leggings, jeans or all neutrals. What is your favorite look? Guess what? You can use my discount code BOOP for 20% off of this sweater dress. They also have a super cute longer version of of the distressed sweater dress. You definitely do not want to forget to head over to J Moraella and check out the awesome inventory. Stylishly yours, KJ

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Why I am not mad that Birth of a Nation is not doing more numbers

By October 26, 2016 brand ambassador, business, confidence, general, life hacks, lifestyle, mentor, mentorship, networking, self esteem, Uncategorized

Hi there! I hope you are all doing well today! I would like to jump right in. There has been tons of chatter about the dismal numbers that Nate Parker’s Birth of a Nation has pulled at the box office. That chatter has definitely ramped up since Tyler Perry’s latest Madea movie, Boo, surpassed the opening week numbers for Birth of a Nation. I want to share my thoughts on this topic. Bear with me because these are truly just my thoughts and may seem a smidge rambly.

Listen, first and foremost, I am tired of people trying to dictate to me what I should be watching, listening to, reading, wearing how I should be styling my hair, where I should be working, where I should send my kid to school, etc. Of course, we are subjected to these intrusive standards by society, in general. There are some pressures from various religious and even political affiliations. However, if you are black, you have to admit that we definitely try to dictate what is deemed “acceptable” for black people and what we ALL should be doing. Am I allowed to like Marilyn Monroe? No ma’am, I can like Dorothy Dandridge, Josephine Baker and/or Lena Horne. Those are my options… that’s it. I cannot like Marilyn Monroe AND iconic old Hollywood black celebrities. Why do I have to qualify my blackness?! We have seen it time and time again, recently with Empire and black reality TV. It is OK to be diverse and to be well read and even to read, watch or listen to something totally silly or just simply for entertainment. I promise that is OK!

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Additionally, I think we all can agree that the story of Nat Turner is definitely one that should be shared. Unfortunately, this movie was released amidst a controversial crap storm surrounding Nate Parker…not only with the rape allegations but with the discovery that his wife was not black. Should either of these discoveries determine if one would go to see the movie? Well that’s a matter of an individual’s perspective. Who are we to dictate what experiences and circumstances determine how a person makes a decision on what/who they will support? Some say no way no how would I support a rapist. Others say, look he was not charged with that crime and our history is far more important and needs to be shared point blank period. There are people who feel that Nate Parker is a hypocrite for advocating for black people when he has clearly chosen to marry a woman who is not black. I personally do not really take offense to that. I feel like you love who you love and that does not necessarily mean that you do not love black people or that you do not feel that we need to bring light to things that are being stricken from American history at an alarming rate. I am not homosexual, but I can definitely understand their plight and I will support my gay and lesbian brothers and sisters when and how I deem necessary. Whatever the case it is not my place to tell someone you need to go see this movie regardless of how you feel about the rape case or his preference in women.

Also there are other factors to take into consideration. For instance, this Sunday I took my Big Brother Big Sisters’ mentee to the movies to see the cute little middle school movie that is out. Well, there were lots of people in line. I was very surprised that they were all going to see the Madea movie and they were all white. So although I know that black people tend to have a love-hate relationship with Tyler Perry you have to realize there are more than black people watching Tyler Perry movies. Not only that, it’s the weekend before Halloween, Tyler Perry’s movie is lighthearted, it’s a Halloween spoof it’s a family movie. Let’s face it, some black people are literally tired, drained, emotionally exhausted, distraught and even have what could be likened to PTSD. It’s not easy to bundle up the family to go to a movie theater sit together and watch the depiction of your ancestors being disrespected, killed, tortured, treated like animals. Especially when we all know how the story ends because guess what? We are still living within the same unedited version of the script in 2016. So, am I mad that some people choose to forgo the movie altogether or simply wait for it to come on TV or DVD to watch it in the comfort of their own homes where they can cry and emote in peace? No. I cannot say that I am.

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Ultimately, everyone has their reasons for why they do what they do. You cannot shame someone into doing what you feel that they should. I applaud both Nate Parker and Tyler Perry for being passionate about what they do and knowing that both are equally important to society and our culture as a whole. Do what you believe. Commit to it and leave your mark on the world regardless of if the world prefers your mark be in a different color. Did you see either of these movies? Please share your thoughts. Stylishly yours, KJ.

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Need your help guys

By October 22, 2016 brand ambassador, business, confidence, fashion, general, life hacks, lifestyle, ootd, Uncategorized

Hello, chickadee! Wanted to drop a quick post after a long, stressful, emotional and arduous day. Due to the fact that I am told quite regularly that I need to put one of my little quotes (or Khalilah-isms, if you will) on a shirt I have been toying with the idea of getting shirts made. I cannot stress enough how I am NOT a jeans and tshirt kind of chica. However, I am most definitely a tutu and a tee kind of girl! So, why not? People seem to love tshirts and I love a fun statement tee moment. I have so many quirky little random things that I say. Here is where you come in, friends! I really need help deciding what I should try first?


So, clearly I was feeling myself based on this cheshire face. Can you blame me? This thrifted top, JcPenny shorts and navy blue over the knee boots from Shoedazzle were paired for a fun take on a boho summer to fall transition.

Okay, so here are the ideas that I have. I would love to hear your thoughts. I am open to suggestions. Not only that, how would you rock your tee?

  2. Momshell
  3. She Came. She Saw. She Slayed.
  4. #BOOP
  5. Fierce. Fab. Favored

Wet Seal Faux Suede Over-The-Knee Boots Ol…

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Price: $42.95



Cooler weather does not necessarily mean you have to pack your fave summer go-to pieces away. Think outside the box and rock them year round if it suits your fancy!

I have a drop shipping company that I am strongly considering but if you have any other suggestions or ideas that would be helpful, I would love to hear them. By all means, you can comment here or email me at As always, I appreciate all of the support. Stylishly yours, KJ.

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Lets get it all the way together: Formal Attire

By October 19, 2016 bodycon, brand ambassador, business, confidence, fashion, general, life hacks, lifestyle, mentor, mentorship, networking, ootd, Uncategorized

Hi, friends! Listen, I am fit to be tied about the number of inappropriately dressed guests that I see at formal events. There are several factors that should be taken into consideration when choosing formal attire.  I know that there is a lot of anxiety that comes with preparing for a formal event but guess what? Your resident wardrobe stylist is here to help you. Please read on for helpful tips.  #You’reWelcome

You can never be over educated or overdressed

In general, attire is one of the first factors that I consider when accepting an invitation to any event…from a backyard barbecue or black party to a black tie affair. If you know me, you know that I truly believe you can never be over educated or overdressed. Have you ever had the unfortunate experience of being with someone who is underdressed, or worse yet, being that underdressed individual? It is not a good feeling! A black tie affair is not the time to be caught slipping. For the most part, we rarely get the opportunity to get glammed up so most people go all out. You certainly want to feel regal, glamorous, confident and insecurity is not on the VIP list, okay?!


This thrifted, black, feathery confection was perfectly fitting for the 15th Annual Black History Month Gala in Fredericksburg, Virginia

Check your invite

With that being said, be sure to check your invitation to the event to gauge what formal wear etiquette is required. Black tie optional means that you can choose a gown, cocktail dress or a formal suit. Black tie or white tie means that at minimum a formal gown is required but you can also go with a ball or evening gown. If you are attending with a date, you also want to take their attire into consideration. If your handsome is simply wearing a dark suit you can dress down a little more and by “down” I mean maybe a cocktail dress…don’t pull out your Jordan booty shorts. Now if Romeo is wearing a full on tuxedo, please opt for a more formal dress.

Angela Hunter Floral Lace Dress

Special Occasion Stop looking for the perfect dress because we’ve found it! This e… [More]

Price: $59.90
Sale: $59.90

Where to shop

Give yourself time to choose your attire because if alterations are needed you will want to have sufficient time to get those done prior to the day of your event. We all know I am not the biggest fan of wearing black. However, I do recommend that every woman own at least a black cocktail dress, preferably tea length. This dress can work in most formal situations. You may add a fabulous formal evening jacket (think sheer, silk or sequins). When I am on the prowl for formal attire, I usually head to consignment or second hand stores first. I then head to a department store, specifically, JcPenny’s due to their amazing price point for formal pieces. I will be the first to admit I am inclined to beeline to the juniors clearance homecoming and prom section. The reason being, the dresses are more whimsical, fun, colorful and flirty. The dresses in women’s tend to be drab, matronly, ill-fitting and typically cost considerably more. I am not fully opposed to the dresses in the women’s section though, as a matter of fact I found a gorgeous mint gown last summer. Another option is to rent a gown. 


Nude gown with a lace mint overlay and a sweetheart décolletage worn to an Old Hollywood themed fashion show benefitting Combat Boots to Makeup Brushes and women veterans that I hosted and was a contributing stylist for in North Carolina Gown: Belk Gloves: Claire’s Flower Hair Accessory: Sally’s Beauty Supply


Pour some glitter on me

Now that you have found your gorgeous gown, we need to find subtle, yet fab accessories to compliment the overall look. For my general look, I personally, am not a blingy type chick. When it comes to formal wear, however, pour some glitter on me! I am all for sequins, glitter, sparkle. Of course, you do not want your accessories and gown competing for the spotlight. There are tons of beautiful pieces, particularly hair jewelry that compliment black tie looks. When it comes to your clutch, a small clutch that is metallic, silver, black, gold or beaded works for any formal event.

Hair and Makeup

Lastly, you know you want your hair and makeup to give life, right? If you do not feel like somebody’s Disney princess you’re doing it wrong babes! Think halos, elegant buns, sleek chignons or old Hollywood curls. For makeup, play up one feature…try a smoky eye or a bold lip.




Parting words

Before I go, I would like to mention that when attending a wedding you should take just as much consideration in your wardrobe choice. I have attended entirely too many weddings where the only qualifier for “appropriate” seems to be the fact that it was a dress (club dress, church dress, I am going to the mall dress). But I digress, that’s for another post. What’s your go-to strategy for formal attire? Stylishly yours, KJ

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On this day 10 years ago

By October 17, 2016 brand ambassador, business, confidence, fashion, general, lifestyle, networking, ootd, self esteem, style

Hello there, Sugar Pants! So, my title is a smidge misleading. First of all, I have a horrific memory and I absolutely have no clue what I was doing on THIS day 10 years ago. However, I can give a general idea of what was going on in my life at the time.

I really only know 2 things for sure about 2006. It was definitely a time of change and a huge adjustment. Chris (the hubster) returned from his Korean deployment in February of 2006 and we moved from Phoenix, Arizona to Colorado Springs, Colorado about a month later. Although Chris and I had technically been married for a year, this was the first time we actually lived together. I know, I know. Sounds weird, right? Well, we were “somewhat” old fashioned in our courting/dating phase. So, we did not “shack up” per se. Do not get it twisted, because we were absolutely 2 horn-dog 20 somethings. I do not want to give the impression that we have THAT much self-control…ummm, have you seen my husband? Girl bye. Also, we were married for less than a month when he deployed and we spent our first year of marriage in 2 separate countries. But I digress. Chris had a lease for his apartment near Luke Air Force Base and I shared a cute little condo in Tempe near my job while we were engaged. Once Chris returned from Korea, we moved into an uppity apartment complex in Colorado Springs. Once our lease was up, Chris decided we should move on Peterson Air Force Base since he was away for work a lot and felt it was more safe for me there. I remember the first time I had ever seen for real, for real snow in real life was on my first day of work in Colorado. AND I HAD TO DRIVE IN IT!! Did I mention that I am from Arizona and pretty much by default have a phobia of driving in snow?

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Moving to Colorado was eye opening for me. I was a newlywed military spouse with no friends or family. The weather was a HUGE thing for me. I was so used to sunshine practically every day. I was born in the Valley of the Sun, for God’s sake! I experienced my first bout of depression that winter. I had no idea why I was so down and melancholy. One day, I came home from work, walked right past Chris and directly into our bedroom. I just sank to the bed staring at the wall, still bundled up in my freshly purchased winter outerwear, boots and my purse strap sliding off my shoulder. I do not know how long I sat there, but I kind of came to when the bedroom door opened and I saw the glow of a cellphone light. “Somebody wants to talk to you”, Chris said. I have ALWAYS hated talking on the phone so I am sure my side eye was a lethal one. I grabbed the phone and did not even speak…just sat there breathing shallowly. “What’s wrong, sweetie?” my daddy, Rodimus Prime’s, deep and rumbling voice boomed. Listen, when I say the floodgates barreled open and the waterworks were in full effect! It was the most commanding, yet nurturing and concerned voice I had ever heard. Chris was concerned and had called my dad.

Jumpsuit: Charlotte Russe Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Jumpsuit: Charlotte Russe
Shoes: Charlotte Russe

When I finally got my ugly face, snotty nosed crying under control I was able to respond. “I do not know what is wrong with me. I do not feel like me!” My dad, a native of Chicago, who had relocated to Arizona, partly to escape the weather, explained to me that I was experiencing Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Once I realized the profound effect that the weather, on top of all of the other life changing things that were happening were causing challenges for me, I decided to make some changes. While I was blessed to have scored a job prior to my move, it was a menial, low paying job after I had made strides in moving up in the last company I had worked for in Arizona. I did not anticipate how difficult it would be to work the same amount of hours but make almost 1/2 as much. Additionally, being micromanaged and working under someone’s thumb was for the birds! We had not been blessed with our widdle bambino yet and I had free time on my hands. I decided to return to school to earn my degree so that (theoretically) I would give myself a leg up for our next change of station. Starting school was a great distraction since I am a consummate learner and because Chris was traveling for work about 85% of our short time in Colorado. I met some really awesome people in Colorado and I am grateful for the year and a half that I got to spend with them.

As I mentioned, my memory leaves a lot to be desired. But this is what I do remember about 2006. I appreciate you taking the time to read. What were you doing 10 years ago? Stylishly yours, KJ


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Where I Got It Rosewe Review

By October 14, 2016 bodycon, brand ambassador, business, confidence, fashion, general, lifestyle, ootd, style, Uncategorized

Hey Chickadee! How are you?! How is fall treating you so far? It seems like people have really been looking forward to it so yayyyyy for fall! I kicked my fall off with a super busy calendar. Of course, having several functions to attend means wardrobe, wardrobe, wardrobe. Today, I want to review a dress and online boutique where she came from.

Last night, I attended an intimate concert in town. I knew when I saw this dress that I would wear it for this show. You guys! Let me start by saying if you want to feel regal, elegant, classy AND edgy this is for sure the number for you. I know there are rules about wearing white after Labor Day. I personally, do not subscribe to such rules because I feel they are outdated. However, if you do, I feel that because the print on this dress is very much fall inspired, this white dress gets a pass! But I digress, I really want to share my thoughts on the online boutique where the dress came from.

If you have been on facebook for all of 5 seconds, you have most likely seen the online boutique, Rosewe, pop up in your newsfeed in some way, shape or form. They purportedly have these gorgeously, chic and most importantly, affordably priced wares for the modern day fashionista! Listen, I am the first to say that I am a recessionista. Naturally, I love a good budget friendly fashion moment. However, before I relinquish any of my little coinage, I want to make sure it is for a worthy and legit purchase. I will admit, I was extremely hesitant to purchase from Rosewe. I had been toying with the idea of writing a review for an online boutique that I would typically consider sketchy. Welp, when one of my facebook friends told me she got her dress from here I decided I would give it a shot.

I went ahead and jumped in. I figured, why not? It is research for my readers and at worse, I would lose my money. At best, I would get an amazing dress that I was completely satisfied with at a great price! The website is easy and totally functional. I searched for “maxi dresses” and this little nugget was the first piece on the page! I believe they refer to it as a “cloak” also. I chose to order utilizing paypal because I still was not 100% sure about the site and I wanted to have some recourse if there were any challenges with the transaction.

The website boasts that products ship within 2 days. I will be honest, I had so much going on at the time that I ordered that I did not really pay attention how long it took to receive the piece. I will say it was definitely before the “ummmm, where is my classy, slay cloak-dress action at?” overcame me. I will caution that the sizing seemed to run a bit small. Therefore, I selected a size larger than I normally wear. Generally speaking, I wear a size medium in this type of maxi dress. I opted for a large which was perfect for me. I probably could have gotten away with a medium but I certainly did not want to test the stretch in my sausage casing. I have lots of uber tall and leggy friends and clients. Their main problem is that they cannot find maxi dresses that are long enough. This dress would definitely make the cut for you lucky leggy ladies! This dress is also good for those of us with areas we want to camouflage…the cape drapes lightly over the derriere and the print  cascading down the center is a great way to distract from tummy trouble. I would say the only issue I had with this dress was that the fabric was very unforgiving. Luckily, the cape and print do a bangin’ job of hiding your business that the polyester material is trying to put in the streets #boop! Okay, so get this guys. The best part of this piece and experience…the dress was $23. Yasssss! 23 doll hairs!
There you have it! I will say this gorgeous and unique dress was a homerun! I cannot put a full endorsement behind Rosewe after this single experience, but I can certainly say I would try them again. So, what do you think about this dress? Stylishly yours, KJ.

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Style Inspiration: Buffalo Plaid and Camo

By October 3, 2016 brand ambassador, business, confidence, fashion, general, life hacks, lifestyle, ootd, self esteem, style

Hey chickadee! How are you sweet face? I hope you have gotten inspired to revamp your wardrobe! I am currently under the weather but I wanted to update the style inspiration so you guys would have it to help out over the next few days. I have a fairly busy week so I am hoping to get some good stuff for my blog.

Prince & Fox Buffalo Plaid Button Down

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Price: $19.75

Wet Seal Buffalo Plaid Baseball Cap Red Pa…

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Price: $12.95

Enjoy! Have a beautiful Monday and an even better week! Stylishly yours, KJ.

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Style Inspiration: Geek Glam

By September 28, 2016 business, confidence, fashion, general, life hacks, lifestyle, ootd, self esteem, style

Hey Sugar Pants! As promised, here is the second style inspiration. These are just ideas that came to my mind but I am always open to suggestions! Actually, I welcome them. Just to keep things fresh and interesting. For the most part, I will not post any examples because this is simply for inspiration. As I mentioned before, I would like for you to just read the style inspiration title and do with it what you will. Literally, whatever pops in your mind, go for it chica! I intend to post my execution pics on Monday, followed by an updated style inspiration list on Wednesday. Happy styling!!! Stylishly yours, KJ


Juicy Couture | Regal – Dragonfruit Girls …

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Price: $118.00

Unisex Suspender

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Price: $18.00
Sale: $9.00

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Style Inspiration: Yes Way Rose

By September 26, 2016 brand ambassador, business, confidence, fashion, general, life hacks, lifestyle, ootd, self esteem, style

Hey chickadee! I had a super busy week or so, but what’s new, right? I hope the style inspiration post from last week got your creative wheels turning! Just wanted to share some of my pics and execution. As I previously mentioned, I was traveling with the bambino last weekend. We each traveled with just our carry-ons so of course that made my wardrobe options interesting, to say the least. We attended my nieces-pieces’ first birthday party (and had a blast)! Ironically, the color scheme for her party was dusty rose, gold and cream which is a great segway into the first style inspiration look.

Yes way rose: Rose is one of my absolute fave colors. It is not as saccharine sweet as baby or bubblegum pink and it’s not as obnoxious as hot or neon pink. I do realize it can still read a little sophomoric. Therefore, I went for just a small dose with a rose Panama and matching shoes. I was traveling but I fully believe your travel attire can be cute and comfy.

Headed out to catch our flight...this rose panama (from Charlotte Russe) and matching woven boat shoes by Simply Vera Wang (not pictured) hit just the right tone for traveling

Headed out to catch our flight…this rose panama (from Charlotte Russe) and matching woven boat shoes by Simply Vera Wang (not pictured) hit just the right tone for traveling

Red, black & white: The reason I love this trifecta is because it can look really classically chic or uber edgy. So, today I was headed back from my trip. I opted for this red, black & white patchwork paperboy cap, tee, black distressed skinny jeans and black and white wedge sneakers. Ultimately, very comfortable but still casual cute.

I bought this paperboy cap on the clearance rack at Icing a few years ago

I bought this paperboy cap on the clearance rack at Icing a few years ago

As You Are Duster

Wherever the day takes you, make sure you’re wearing this! Super cool, sleeveless dus… [More]

Price: $58.00
Sale: $40.00

Make a statement (tee): This weekend I actually wore 2 tshirts…what is the world coming to?! Well, they were both for a good cause. Saturday I had the pleasure of celebrating my youngest nieces-pieces 1st birthday. We wore these fun custom tshirts to honor her. My shirt says “Team Madison” on the front and “Anie” on the back. The bambino even had one that said “Cousin” on the back. My other tee says “I’m not just a fan…I’m his wife”. I chose to make statements representing my niece and the hubster #boop

The front of this tee reads "Team Madison" of course with a princess crown. The backs give our titles "Anie" (which is what I call my Aunts) for me and "Cousin" for Myles.

The front of this tee reads “Team Madison” of course with a princess crown. The backs give our titles “Anie” (which is what I call my Aunts) for me and “Cousin” for Myles.


Jogger Judy: I just love joggers! I was so ready for an alternative to jeans or leggings for casual pants and was uber excited when joggers hit the scene. The reason I adore this particular pair of joggers is twofold. 1) They can be worn dressed up or down 2) I got them on a last chance clearance rack for $3. I actually bought 2 of the same exact pair.

Today, I chose to wear my faux leather joggers, and a white tee with a houndstooth blazer. Red, black and pewter heels rounded the look out. Meet and greets and orientation received a lightweight slay on a Monday #boop

Today, I chose to wear my faux leather joggers, and a white tee with a houndstooth blazer. Red, black and pewter heels rounded the look out. Meet and greets and orientation received a lightweight slay on a Monday #boop

Shirt Dress: Is it just me, or is there something crazy, sexy, cool about a shirt dress? The last one I bought was a winner for me because it was long enough to effectively cover my ample derrière (they’re usually a smidge too short for my taste). Also, I really love how the dark denim and drawstring cinched waist really create a balanced flattering silhouette. You know me by now, so of course, my fave part of thedress was the price! I bought it for $4 at Family Dollar! OONTZ OONTZ OONTZ OONTZ

How did you fair with the style inspiration from last week? Stay tuned for the next style inspiration list. I will be posting it by Wednesday! Stylishly yours, KJ

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